Next SunGlacier Project: DC02: “Water Cube”.

We are pleased to announce that we are building the first version of The “Water Cube.” This unique cube is designed to independently generate water for drinking and other applications such as small-scale agriculture.

Cube DC02 def

All technology is designed by the SunGlacier team and will be presented during the OECD Water Governance Initiative in The Hague, in June. The Water Cube could grow into an inexpensive, portable and easy-to-maintain, off-grid water generator. We are excited about this new highlight of the SunGlacier project!

Solar Water: present and future

We sourced residential style products at the local hardware store and purchased 2 solar panels, dehumidifier, power inverter and cables.

Our condensor specifications (for indoor use):Diagram

Our installation is exhibited at the Museum Sculptures by the Sea,  Scheveningen, The Netherlands. The expected summer conditions are 25C, RV = 80%. In these conditions with only 10 hours of daylight to power the systems, we can produce 5.8 liters/day.

Existing condensers for indoor use at 1 kWh can produce approximately 1.2 liters of water. Condensers for outdoor use do not exist – yet. As an example, an optimized condenser being used outdoors, could produce more than 4 liters of water in conditions typical to Lima, Peru – according to calculations of our refrigeration expert.

We have taken the first step and produced a lot of water using existing off the shelf technologies. On many regions in the world, the climate and relative humidity is such that the water production will improve beyond our calculations. The higher the temperature, the more water that can be contained in the air. This means that even in desert conditions there are often very realistic opportunities to harvest water from the air, despite the relative humidity being very low. Solar water needs filtration and enriching with minerals when used as drinking water, but it proves that with off the shelf technology you can create your own water out of thin air!

Our team has advanced condensation effiencies and the technology of converting water from air. With further investment we can take it to the next step: producing 8 liters of fresh water/sq. meter of solar surface.