A waterfall at the

Dubai World Expo

Solar generated water in the middle of the desert

The Waterfall

We were approached by Michiel Raaphorst of V8 Architects in Rotterdam with the question if it could be possible to build a solar powered waterfall in the Dutch pavilion for the World Expo in Dubai. This was a project on a scale we had never attempted before, but we were excited to take on the challenge. It was an incredible project to be a part of! Many companies collaborated on the construction of the pavilion to create an unforgettable experience for visitors, showcasing the sensation of cold, self-generated water. No other pavilion could by far showcase “water from air” on this scale. The Dutch royal family even came to visit. For the SunGlacier team, it was a highlight of our work.

Additional details:

  • The waterfall was part of the Dutch pavilion’s theme of “uniting water, energy, and food.”
  • The waterfall was powered by solar energy.
  • The water was collected from the air using a technology called “growing waterfall”.
  • The pavilion was a popular destination for visitors, and the waterfall was one of the most popular attractions.


King Willem-Alexander & Queen Maxima visited the waterfall

Water to grow plants

The water harvested from air, on top of the roof, was used to grow plants inside

An Autonomous Biosphere

Cool Air by the Waterfall


During the show, a video about the project and its unique technology was played on each umbrella.

Billboards around the city

Huge billboards in Dubai with our project on display. 

The magic Watermachine on top of the roof

The machine produced up to 2000 liters water/day. (530 gallon) 

Best show in town

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