A device without moving parts

The DC03, a groundbreaking water harvesting device from the SunGlacier project, stands as a testament to the potential of simple, low-cost technologies to address pressing global challenges. Built solely from computer components and powered directly by a solar panel, the DC03 visualizes the project’s ethos of using readily available resources to create innovative solutions.

a Beacon of Hope

While the DC03 remains in the realm of prototypes, its potential for revolutionizing agriculture in arid regions is undeniable. The ability to generate clean water directly from the air using renewable energy could potentially offer a lifeline to communities struggling with water scarcity.

Despite the challenges that lie ahead in fully realizing the DC03’s potential, its significance as an icon of the SunGlacier project remains undiminished. The device serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring further exploration and development of sustainable water harvesting solutions.

Without moving Parts

No Maintenance