Waterfall Technology

Waterfall technology

Imagine a waterfall in the desert, not just cascading down, but growing larger with every drop. This isn’t a mirage, but the concept behind SunGlacier’s innovative water harvesting technology.

SunGlacier’s system tackles water scarcity by extracting moisture directly from the air. This isn’t your typical dehumidifier though. SunGlacier uses a process called the “growing waterfall” principle.

Cool and Capture: SunGlacier’s technology uses captured solar energy to cool falling water.

Moisture Magnet: As the cool water descends, it attracts moisture from the surrounding air, causing the droplets to grow in size.

Waterfall Effect: This snowball effect rapidly increases the total water volume.

The result? Usable clean water generated even from the driest hottest of all environments. SunGlacier’s technology offers a glimpse into a future where water scarcity is no longer a barrier, with applications for drought-stricken regions.

The TM01 Sculpture

Water injection, pulling air in

Amount of water increases while falling down the tube