Desert Twins

UN Camp Gao, Mali

Conflict Prevention


Many conflicts in the world have their roots in water shortages. This is also the case in Mali. Team SunGlacier traveled to Mali during the hottest and driest time of the year to test “water from air” technology. With temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius and a humidity that was impossible to measure, we were still able to make a little water, powered by solar energy. This trip learned us a lot, but more importantly: it showed us that existing technology does not work in this extreme climate, but inspired us to develop a new technology with a much wider climatological range.

It was hot!


We really went the extra mile to complete all the tests. Thanks to the help of the Ministry of Defense, and certainly also the Dutch Military Forces, this was successful.

It was a unique experience for all of us to work in such a dangerous area. Added to that, the extreme temperatures gave an extra sense of urgency to the fact that the people who live here should be able to enjoy cold, and above all, clean water.