Museum Baz

the off grid fountain

Museum Beelden aan Zee

World's first off-grid water from air installation

Museum Beelden aan Zee was immediately enthusiastic when the plan was launched to present an autonomous watermaker: a fountain that never stops, only during the night (no sunshine). Water was extracted from the air by a condensation machine that was connected to solar energy. All the produced water was collected in a reservoir and when it was full, it sprayed upwards through the sculpture, on the audience, who did not expect it. The exhibition was a great success, especially when The New York Times published an article about it. Perhaps the first time that international universities and embassies in The Hague were sent out to see this new technology.

The Fountain Sculpture
Detail of Sculpture
Powered by Solar

The Waterdrop Sculpture

High-speed footage of a falling water droplet was captured, and the most striking image was recreated using LEGO. The LEGO sculpture was later reconstructed in wood and placed on the sculpture base. The dehumidifier and water reservoir were housed in the pedestal.

The LEGO prototype was exhibited as well during the exhibition. Most probably the first LEGO sculpture exhibited in this prestigious museum.