Music/Videoclip Janieck and Ap: “HERO”

The video single “HERO” is a creative collaboration of the recording artist Janieck with the environmental inventor and sculptor artist Ap Verheggen (founder of the SunGlacier Project). This music video aims to inspire younger generations to think in creative solutions for a world that is being transformed by climate change. The message: “Yes, there can be a positive future for everyone on this planet; it’s a matter of taking action yourself.” “Even an ordinary man can still be a hero”. (fragment of song)

It is certain that everybody on this planet is or will be impacted in some way by climate change. Our message through art, music and environmental invention is that it is more important than ever for the younger generations to take the lead in designing solutions to challenges (like drought and rising temperatures) to their own future. Our younger generations have demonstrated capacities to generate forward-looking, functional ideas, and are able to think without some of the “old-world” constraints that limit their elders.

Videoclip on Youtube, press this link