Project Outline

‘Climate Change = Culture Change’

Need for water: Climate change is forcing new thought on innovations to adapt to drier conditions in vast areas of the globe. With a world population growth and shifting resources that are increasingly impacted by drought and floods, the need for new approaches to independent water sources for human and food security is more important than ever.


What we are: SunGlacier is the most efficient system of harvesting water from air. The system began as an art-meets-science project and now holds real world applications that can change how water resources are perceived and used. Our team is maximizing a new and natural configuration of sunlight, air and gravity that can produce potable water from air nearly anywhere on the planet, even in hot and dry deserts. This revolutionary patent-pending technology (Droppler) has demonstrated stunning success success in testing under various climate conditions.

How it works: Outside air is blown into a cold waterfall. The moisture in the air condenses and so that the total volume of the waterfall increases during its fall. This is the “growing waterfall” principle. The water that is extracted can then be drawn off.



Droppler Technology is extremely energy efficient, and has no cooling surfaces.

Applications: The water produced can be used for drinking, with the addition of minerals, and for agriculture. Numerous other applications are also possible where water is urgently needed.

The next steps: This is indeed a concept breakthrough in water resource technology. Droppler technology can spark a truly unique and effective range of solutions for adapting to climate impacts in dry areas of need nearly anywhere.

Our project features:
– Generation of potable water from surrounding air
– Inexpensive drinking water for anyone everywhere on the planet
– Breakthrough technology applying natural elements as never before
– Realizing possibilities of agriculture production in desert areas

Ap Verheggen with Kofi Annan



The climates of the world are dynamic processes to which cultures have adapted since time immemorial. It is vital, now more than ever, that people learn to respond to climate change in creative and innovative ways.

The SunGlacier “Art meets Science” project aims to stimulate people to think creatively about solutions to climate challenges. These changes are not necessarily all negative or better still, if we can find a way to turn some of them to our advantage then nothing should stop us. SunGlacier is carrying this fresh and positive way of thinking forward into solutions and inspiration for people everywhere.

Desert Twins: Solar powered water from air technology tested in Mali