The first Droppler20 is a reality

From the first design, we have taken into account that our technology must be accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore we always pursued a highly efficient, clean, durable and easy-to-maintain system. This Droppler20 produces up to 30 liters of clean water per day. This lightweight compact device is built into a mobile flight case. It is easy to transport and tough for travel.

We developed this compact machine with multiple power options: a 24 volt connection, so it can be directly connected to a solar energy installation, powered by a battery, or plugged into a power grid. With a cooling capacity from 80 – 620W, this highly intelligent system produces up to 3 liters of water per kWh.

We specially designed and build the “Droppler20” machine for the department Concept Development & Experimentation from The Netherlands Ministry of Defense. The device will be used in various climates around the world.

The concept of SunGlacier Technology

Conventional water de-humidifying technologies did not meet our requirements. They were developed for other applications: to dehumidify a closed space or to cool air. Our emphasis has always been to extract as much as possible water from outside air, as efficiently as possible. After many years of empirical research we succeeded in inventing a new (patented) method of condensation.

During the development of our technology we took the approach that if something works well on a small scale, then it can often be replicated on a larger scale. From the start, we were focused on a portable size off-grid application, powered by solar energy: a new and autonomously working, water source running on renewable energy. With this goal, our aim has been to build a super effective system, harvesting a high volume of water with a low amount of energy.

We succeeded and after many years of testing, the first Droppler20 is a reality.

The function of extracting water from air depends on climate conditions. We have managed to nearly cover the globe with our new technology:  climates with a dew point from 5 Celsius to approximately 50 degrees Celsius outside temperature, 10% to 100% relative humidity.