New Design SunGlacier

Inspired by a leaf, covered with solar panels, we attrack moisture from the air and cool it into ice. Indeed: creating a glacier in a hot and dry desert. Why a is it called a glacier? Because the process doesn’t stop. An ice producing Perpertuum Mobile. This week we start with testing the systems at Cofely, but the pre-test showed already good results. ( Daily updates at:, press the ‘like’ button )


Phase 2: It really begins! Testing theory into Practice

October 10th we start with testing our scientific models into practice. Cofely Refrigeration in Zoetermeer is building a climate controlled room that can simulate several desert conditions. A team of experts will test a lot of variants how to produce ice, a glacier, in a hot and dry desert. I know it sounds impossible but our calculations show good changes for positive results. Exciting Times! This contra-intuitive project becomes reality. I am already counting the days. First results will be published later that week. The whole project is dynamic, same as nature is. Next week I will unveil the next generation SunGlacier, a sculpture that is inspired on the computer sketches.    

Welcome to the SunGlacier presentation at Tweede Nationaal Deltacongres

During the Tweede Nationaal Deltacongres, November 3rd, RAI Amsterdam, I give a presentation about project SunGlacier. Everybody is welcome, but only if you register yourselve in front at:
After my presentation, our Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, will close the morning session.
More information at:

The NEW SunGlacier Design

Finally I can present the new design of project SunGlacier. The inspiration for the idea comes from natures most efficient sunlight user: a leaf.

A simple explanation of the design:
The sun shines on the solarpanels. The produced energy will transfer moisture into ice. The ice will melt and drop down. Of course the sculpture will make in this way also water. World’s first concept of making ice/water out of solar?

  Some renders of the project, thanks to my good friend Remco de Haan

The project turns into the next gear: We now have technical drawings that can calculate surfaces and constructions.

Work in Progress – Summer Update

I miss the noice of the ‘Tour de France’ that fills my house/studio. The telephone is quiet, my inbox is nearly empty: Summer Holidays! The best time for concentration. This week I started to integrate the necessary adaptions to the SunGlacier design. A very responsible task because in a couple of weeks we have to present the final design. Together with my good friend Remko de Haan we transfered my new ideas in CAD to calculate the surfaces. Later I will start making the prototype.

Presentations of SunGlacier
My next presentation is at 2nd Nationaal Deltacongress, Amsterdam. I am completely honoured that our Prime Minister: Rutte speaches next to my presentation. It’s my first presentation with SunGlacier as onliest subject, so it has to be a good one.

SunGlacier Sculptures
Next week I start sculpting the Swiss sculpture in wax. It’s a great perspective to make a huge sculpture in bronze. Hopefully the weather stays like it is: too cold for the time of the year and lots of rain: The best conditions to shape hundreds of kg’s of hot wax, without melting yourselve.

SunGlacier technical
Cofely/GDF-Suez is preparing the set-up for the climate tests. Last week we received a technical drawing of the installation. I have to be honoust: I didn’t know what it means but Jan Alkemade, my technical advisor translated it to such a level that even I know what these symbols mean.

An exciting time, a great summer, with too many highlights to mention.
Have a great holiday!

Prince Hendrik likes sunglasses of Ap Verheggen

The SunGlacier idea is born in Uummannaq, NW Greenland. Ap designed sunglasses to support the local Children’s Home. Last week Queen Margrethe & Prince Hendrik of Denmark visited Uummannaq. My good friends OJ Hammeken and A Andreasen donated them a pair of these exceptional shades. Great to see that Royals like the design. ( more pictures, press this link )

These are not the only royals who wear the Uummannaq sunglasses.

Glasses in the middle: Prince Albert Grimaldi of Monaco
left glasses: Arthur Chilingarov, right glasses: Jean Malaurie, most right: OJ Hammeken
To order a pair of these cool shades at:

Work in Progress – Danderzei – Cofely – GDF/Suez – Doc Film

Together with Jan Alkemade we are now working at a new steel model at Danderzei Studio, our Dutch experts in metal constructions. The model will be transported in 2 weeks to Belgium and used as a ‘skeleton’ for the first SunGlacier related sculpture in bronze. Besides an excellent example for the new design of the SunGlacier project. Tomorrow meeting with Cofely – GDF/Suez to prepare the next steps for realising the project. All calculations show positive results. Next phase is testing the project in climate chambers. It’s great to work at so many different parts of the project. ( In the mean time we even produce a documentary film about projects cool(E)motion – SunGlacier )

New Sculptures, New Textures

Before I start making the prototype adjustments for the SunGlacier installation, I experimented with textures. Inspiration: melting, freezing, ice, deformation, natural, nature, cold, warm.

Title: Eagle, 100 x 100 cm., polyester, for private collection, Zürich, Switzerland
A larger model will be casted in bronze.
Eagle: Detail
Title: Steinbock, 50cm x 40cm, polyester
Steinbock, Detail
Fighting Bulls, polyester, for private collector Toronto, Canada

Alexander Kaletski – Jennifer Lopez

On our last day in NYC we luckily could meet my friend Alexander Kaletski  A couple of years ago we had a duo-exhibition, and in the mean time he became the star of the Dillon Gallery . A top gallery in NYC, where we talked with Eric Walstedt, the enthusiastic director. We will keep you ap-dated on this site about Alexander’s shows in Vienna and Switserland.

You have to visit the website of Alexander to see the picture ( scroll down ) with a nearly naked Jennifer Lopez. If you ever meet Alexander ask him about the story behind it.