Follow These Kids to World Water Day

The United Nations World Water Day is coming up this Friday, March 22, and children at schools in The Hague have already started carrying their weight in support of the event, literally, with the Walking for Water fundraiser.  

Students from years 5 and 6 at the International School of The Hague (ISH) sought sponsors and then walked a six-kilometer trek through the nearby coastal dunes. They each carried six heavy liters of bottled water in a blue backpack as they raised money to benefit a clean-water program in Bangladesh.

Clean running water may be taken for granted when living in countries like the Netherlands, so this event was organized together with the Max Foundation to help students experience what it’s like to carry water supplies home in countries without enough adequate water facilities.  “It was tiring and also felt good to do this, but it was a bit sad that some people need to do this every day,” said Adam, 10, student at the ISH. 

Adam, center, with his ISH class
The Walking for Water event began in 2003, and proceeds from the ISH this year will go to help build a sanitation complex for safe drinking water and clean toilet facilities for children and families in Bangladesh. Classes at the school alone raised €5,000, and then the total rose to €18,000 after matching contributions from the government and the Delftland Water Board.

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