Visiting Christo

Ap and Christo

There are other people on this planet who dare to think about The Impossible. I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite such people last weekend, the artist Christo, and discussing with his team the challenges and possibilities of large, innovative art projects.

Christo’s “Big Air Package” was unveiled in Oberhausen, Germany, last Friday. The exhibit features the world’s largest balloon without support, and is wrapped by the artist.  As one walks inside the balloon, all perspective disappears. Simultaneous feelings of loneliness and joy can easily take hold of emotions while in the vast white balloon interior. Visitors in the balloon are enveloped in an ocean of light, and the feeling is on a scale of the intensity of new impressions that are experienced in childhood.

Inside the “Big Air Package”

At one point, I felt like I was not only standing inside the world’s largest balloon, but also before the world’s largest mirror looking at my own path. I left Big Air, but carried away inspiration from an accomplished fellow artist who also has dreamed and realized the impossible.

Ap and Jonathan, Christo’s manager

The Big Air Package from the outside
An ocean of light

Interview with Christo’s film crew
Lunch with the Christo team 

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