Camouflaged Sculptures and Events

My in-progress sculpture series, Urban Chameleons, features white animal-like sculptures on white walls, stuck like tree frogs on high surfaces. These Urban Chameleons found their inspiration on a trip to the jungles of Costa Rica. You sometimes need to look very closely to see the beauty of nature, because many animals are well camouflaged.

During this trip I asked myself: How many creatures are never discovered because we can’t see them? This is my inspiration, to make a series of sculptures that are camouflaged in our urban settings- spectacular huge sculptures that crawl on the walls, hiding, but also waiting to be discovered. The animals also have human features that signal that we ourselves are also part of nature and part of the delicate balance in our environment.  I intend to have an exhibit later this year of these Urban Chameleons. There will be updates on the location when the remaining sculptures are finished.

Also, SunGlacier project developments are taking place, but the entire story is just a bit too premature to publish at this moment.  It’s actually an exciting time and we plan to announce some interesting news soon. Keep looking closely, because the project has potential to shift shortly into the next gear. 

Urban Chameleons under construction

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