Design inspired on a molecule H20 ( water )

It is a great challange to make a design for project Sunglacier. I investigated the idea of splitting up the solar surface in 7 parts. These parts can symbolise the leaves of a forest. Each part with leaves represents a water molecule ( H2O ) The O part I is used as leave, the 2 H parts as a connection, exactly as they are connected on a molecular system. The H’s later can be used to connect all wires. In the centre of 4 O’s ( see photo 2, black mark ) the main tree will come out of the leaves. Above the treeline it can remove heat, below it can produce ice. Now I am working at a scaled model. The first results will be published on this blog  in the nearby future.  
photo 1: Molecular system of H2O:  2H ( Hydrogen ) and 1O ( Oxygen )
photo 2: Oxygen represents the Solar-Panels
photo 3: Side View
Photo 4: Building a scaled prototype

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