Scientific expert about SunGlacier: Can we continue?

Frank van der Heijden, refrigeration engineer, Director of Cofely Experts BV, joined us yesterday for dinner. It seems that our project, to build a glacier in the desert, pushes many technological boundaries. Our first idea to design some shapes, cover them with solar cells and build in an ‘ice machine’, seems a bit too optimistic. Frank teached us that even the shape of the sculpture must comply to some basic thermodynamic principles. To continue the project we decided to adapt our new designs according to a more realistic and scientific framework. Then, Together with Frank, we will have a discussion how the ideas can be translated into a working model.
‘Freezing the SunGlacier sculpture  in the Netherlands, is in principle as difficult as freezing it in the Sahara’, Frank mentions. This is because of the changing angle of the sun on the solar panels. We are very excited and happy that Frank has joined our team.

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