Testing the Glacier in Desert: It works!

ConditionsThe first line of experiments are successful. Last week we tested how much ice we can produce in extreme hot and dry conditions. Cofely Refrigeration built a climate controlled room that simulates the same conditions as in Aswan, Egypt, on a hot and dry day in summertime, including windforce 3 (Beaufort) and a relative humidity of 22%.
In the room we installed a metal cooler that is connected to a cooling machine outside. Cold fluids are pumped inside the cooler with a temperature down to -20C. Only a short moment after the machines were running, a layer of ice started to grow on the surface. Spectacular! Unbelievable! It works! The energy that we need for cooling will be translated in sq. mtrs of solar-panels. All water that transforms into ice comes from the surrounding air (moisture)

Of course this is the first step, we have to test a lot more. But now we can say: It’s not only an idea, but this methode has a future. All machines that we use are ‘off the shelve’ and as simple as we can get. Not a scientific project, but an Art Project that will inspire many people to think like us: in a positive and creative way.
Dimensions in reality
The total construction that we need will be in reality: 200 sq. mtrs, of solar (on top): 20 sq. mtrs of ice producing surface (in the sculptures shadow)

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