This week we filmed in North West Greenland. A historical document

The story in pictures: Uummannaq, North West Greenland.
People were lining up the dogsled teams for a race starting from Uummannaq
Dogs are waiting for the race

Hessel ( film and photography ) got caught in a spring breeze

The race starts

The teams are running over the froozen sea 
People from Uummannaq on the ice to welcome the winner

Hunter Unatoq prepares our expedition to Uummannatsiaq 

An Inuit girl is waiting till the trip begins
Leaving to Uummannatsiaq
The dogs at work
Arrival in Uummannatsiaq

Our host Ole Jorgen Hammeken together with Robert Peary II
Robert is a very wise sjamaan and storyteller.
Singing the ancient stories

On our way back home

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