Work in Progress – Summer Update

I miss the noice of the ‘Tour de France’ that fills my house/studio. The telephone is quiet, my inbox is nearly empty: Summer Holidays! The best time for concentration. This week I started to integrate the necessary adaptions to the SunGlacier design. A very responsible task because in a couple of weeks we have to present the final design. Together with my good friend Remko de Haan we transfered my new ideas in CAD to calculate the surfaces. Later I will start making the prototype.

Presentations of SunGlacier
My next presentation is at 2nd Nationaal Deltacongress, Amsterdam. I am completely honoured that our Prime Minister: Rutte speaches next to my presentation. It’s my first presentation with SunGlacier as onliest subject, so it has to be a good one.

SunGlacier Sculptures
Next week I start sculpting the Swiss sculpture in wax. It’s a great perspective to make a huge sculpture in bronze. Hopefully the weather stays like it is: too cold for the time of the year and lots of rain: The best conditions to shape hundreds of kg’s of hot wax, without melting yourselve.

SunGlacier technical
Cofely/GDF-Suez is preparing the set-up for the climate tests. Last week we received a technical drawing of the installation. I have to be honoust: I didn’t know what it means but Jan Alkemade, my technical advisor translated it to such a level that even I know what these symbols mean.

An exciting time, a great summer, with too many highlights to mention.
Have a great holiday!

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