Birth of Urban Chameleons

Crawling on walls and attached in such a way that they seem stuck against the vertical surface  the first four epoxy-based sculptures of animals with human facial characteristics are now alive. Their color blends in with the urban surroundings to create a subtle but living presence that becomes clear after looking at them for a brief second.

Quiet white animals on white walls, they appear to crawl in various directions in search of their own living space. 

Non-symmetrical forms imply motion, while still frozen onto a vertical surface inside a house. Together like humans, they prefer not to be alone but function better in their small groups – crawling, searching.

The others of their species are now taking shape in my studio.  These new chameleon sculptures will be ready to find their place on the wall within the coming weeks.  And also like humans, this family of white animals is reaching the limits of space in their current residential environment; they plan to occupy a gallery or museum as soon as they find their way there.

All are welcome to keep up with this new series as they grow from inspiration, to materials, to construction, to a future exhibition. I hope they crawl into imaginations, and intrigue others the way that they have me.

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