Elm Leaf Inspires the SunGlacier Sculpture

The SunGlacier sculpture essentially finds its origins in the shape of a leaf. I chose this shape because a leaf is the very icon for the transformation of components — powered by the sun: photosynthesis. The SunGlacier leaf sculpture is designed for optimal strength in its asymmetrical aspects. Coincidence or not?  I didn’t even realize that I imitated Mother Nature’s work by designing a leaf that closely resembles the leaf of an elm tree.  

An organizer of an annual festival in Amsterdam, Springsnow,recently contacted me after he noticed the shape design of SunGlacier. In early spring, the canals of the city turn green, and many people think that spring has begun. Well, this may and may not be true… The green color is not from the reflection of overhead leaves, but from the small blossoms of the elm tree, one of the only trees that grow along the canals.  Even UNESCO World Heritage views the elm as an important part of the typical canal architecture.    

 photo by Jolien Glaudemans

As the elm trees lose their blossoms, it seems to starts to snow. Here’s another parallel element of the SunGlacier project design: the warmer the weather, the more ice produced.

Find more info at: www.springsnow.nl 
or enjoy the Amsterdam Elm Walk (press on fat link)

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