New surface designs

Wind is our friend (making water) as well as our enemy (melting ice). Therefore natural solutions are copied from caves and deserts to create an ideal surface for both conditions.
Photo 1:
inspirated by stalactites that are shaped by millions of years equal wind direction.

Photo 2:
inspired by a satellite picture of the Namib desert. All sand dunes have a windy and a calm side.

World Water Forum 6 in Marseille, France

As a Cultural Ambassador of UNESCO-IHE I was invited to WWF6 in France, to present project SunGlacier. Dr. Andras Szoelloesi Nagy, rector of UNESCO-IHE introduced the project in such a way that the audience was completely enthusiastic even before my presentation really started. Art is the perfect tool to give food to interesting discussions! The day before I was part of a panel to discuss Effective Public Awareness Raising Networks. A great initiative of Alida Pham. A week full of highlights and introductions.

Former James Bond girl Famke Janssen made her introduction as an ambassador for the Green Cross organisation. Afterwards we had a good chat together. I am a great fan of her brilliant role in many movies.
Last but not least I wish to thank Jaap Feil and NWP, a great intitiative of the Dutch watersector, for their support at all events.

The new experiments started.

Yesterday we started the new tests to look how much ice and water we can produce in extreme desert conditions. It’s really against my intuition to see the ice growing in that heat and the melting water is dripping of like a small waterfall. Some outcome of the tests is really amazing. Next year we continue the experiments.

On behalve of the complete SunGlacier team, we wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Testing the Glacier in Desert: It works!

ConditionsThe first line of experiments are successful. Last week we tested how much ice we can produce in extreme hot and dry conditions. Cofely Refrigeration built a climate controlled room that simulates the same conditions as in Aswan, Egypt, on a hot and dry day in summertime, including windforce 3 (Beaufort) and a relative humidity of 22%.
In the room we installed a metal cooler that is connected to a cooling machine outside. Cold fluids are pumped inside the cooler with a temperature down to -20C. Only a short moment after the machines were running, a layer of ice started to grow on the surface. Spectacular! Unbelievable! It works! The energy that we need for cooling will be translated in sq. mtrs of solar-panels. All water that transforms into ice comes from the surrounding air (moisture)

Of course this is the first step, we have to test a lot more. But now we can say: It’s not only an idea, but this methode has a future. All machines that we use are ‘off the shelve’ and as simple as we can get. Not a scientific project, but an Art Project that will inspire many people to think like us: in a positive and creative way.
Dimensions in reality
The total construction that we need will be in reality: 200 sq. mtrs, of solar (on top): 20 sq. mtrs of ice producing surface (in the sculptures shadow)